About Us

The Who’s and the Why’s

The Faces Behind LuxVacation.com

Take one part silver spoon Swede and one part platinum spoon French, mix them together and you are looking at the recipe for your next lavish vacation. Meet Andy and Alex, two friends who decided to pursue the dream of creating the perfect vacation experience for people near and far.

The pursuit came out of the frustration that there was always something wrong when making a reservation online, whether it was poor customer service, a slow website or the sheer amount of options they try to force you to purchase in addition. We have all been there.

With two travel enthusiasts and a whole team of vacation experts behind it, LuxVacation.com aims to make a big difference and make the world of luxury travel a happier place.

Our Commitment

LuxVacation.com was founded on the principle that vacation rentals should be luxury in every sense, from the moment you step foot on the website to the time you leave the vacation destination.

The process in which you find and reserve your next dream vacation home should be made simple, yet have that personal touch which a lot of alternative booking websites do not offer.


To offer a superior quality customer experience by collecting the best of the world of luxury vacation home rentals and services.

At LuxVacation.com we take that obligation to a whole new level. Only offering the best of the best in terms of destinations, vacation homes and customer service, you can be sure that you are in good hands with us.

LuxVacation.com Headquarters


To become the world’s leading company for luxury vacations, covering the entire value chain from homes to services in carefully selected destinations, all under one company umbrella.


LuxVacation Ltd. owns and operates LuxVacation.com™, a booking website for luxury vacation homes and related services all over the world. Covering prestigious and exciting destinations in Europe, the Caribbean and North America, the focus is to deliver a private hotel-like experience for truly amazing villas and apartments.