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Anguilla is a gorgeous island paradise set in the north of the Caribbean. The island is a British overseas territory and is one of the most northerly of the Leeward Islands. Anguilla has a rich culture and fascinating history as well as beautiful white sandy beaches and tranquil turquoise seas.
Interesting the island takes its name from the Latinate form of the word which means eel, which is due to the isle’s eel-like shape. Previously, the island has previously been known as Snake and Snake Island for similar reasons.
Anguilla has spectacular coral reefs, idyllic beaches, exquisite restaurants and vibrant bars. This Caribbean island exudes luxury and is the perfect vacation getaway.


Anguilla is a traditional Caribbean island, known for its casual feel and relaxed, slow tempo. The seemingly endless summer helps to create the quiet and low-key vibe, for the most restful island vacation.
Anguilla cleverly balances a casual atmosphere with elegance and style. The beaches are glamorous, and the boutiques and restaurants that are dotted across the island are stylish and sophisticated. It is no wonder that celebrities come flocking to this luxurious and welcoming island.

Best for

Relaxed family friendly vacations
Romantic and elegant holidays for couples and honeymoons
Sun and swim beach breaks
Culture and history breaks
Gastronomic indulgence.

Best known for

Anguilla is known for its picture-perfect beaches and bays; many enjoy the challenge of reaching Little Bay, which involves a cliff hike and a rope ladder. Alternatively, this protected bay can be accessed by boat and is a perfect hideaway.
Sailing is a popular pastime in Anguilla, and there are many races to follow during the sailing race season which runs from May to August. This event creates an exciting buzz across the island and the post-race parties that follow, carry on long into the night.
Gastronomy is important in Anguilla; the island plays host to many elegant restaurants that serve a fusion of European and Caribbean cuisine. Utilizing local seafood and the continental culture helps to create a unique blend which gives Anguilla its unique charm.

Best time to visit

The peak season in Anguilla begins in December and lasts through to mid-April when the island sees the least rainfall and the highest temperatures. April to August is quieter due to a humid atmosphere and greater chance of precipitation.

It is wise to avoid the hurricane season, which begins in June and can run until November. During this period much of the island closes down and braces the storms.

Best activities

With beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and bright blue skies the best activity in Anguilla is to relax and soak up the Caribbean atmosphere. You will find many water sports available to try out on the biggest beaches such as Rendezvous Bay and Mead’s Bay and Sandy Ground. These beaches are perfect for relaxing, sunbathing and swimming in shallow, gentle waters.

Anguilla has 33 beaches all of which attract holidaymakers, with this much choice you are bound the find a beach to suit your needs. The best way to see as many as possible is to hire a boat to circle the island and find your perfect bay.

If you’re interested in Anguilla’s fascinating and diverse history, you can visit some of the monuments and cultural buildings. Wallblake House is a well-maintained plantation house where they offer tours so you can understand a little but more about the history of this fascinating island. Wallblake House is located in the capital city, The Valley, a blend of modern designer boutiques, sophisticated restaurants and places of historical and cultural importance.

Best Restaurants

Hibernia – Hibernia offers an exciting fusion, French cuisine with a Thai and Japanese twist. This restaurant offers taste sensations while utilizing the best local produce the island has to offer, particularly Caribbean fish.
DaVida – This restaurant has a chilled vibe and oozes its slogan: “Celebrate Life.” DaVida boasts magnificent island views and is perfect for watching the sunset. A truly sophisticated open-air restaurant.
Veya – a charming restaurant that focuses on exotic flavors from around the globe. Located on a hill close to Sandy Ground, this restaurant offers stunning views as well as interesting and unique décor. The menu changes regularly, but the tasting menu that allows you to sample the chef’s favorite dishes is a worthwhile experience.
Straw Hat – This fun, family friendly restaurant is perfect if you’re craving high-quality, home-cooked comfort food. This restaurant offers deliciously comforting food with exceptional quality and a touch of class, such as their mac and cheese with lobster.
Blanchards – an elegant and stylish restaurant set in a beach cottage on Mead’s Bay. The food is exceptional and gives away their recipes in their own cookbooks. Blanchards was founded after the owners took a vacation to Anguilla, fell in love with the island and have stayed here since. Blanchards is an intimate and cozy restaurant with an unbeatable ambiance.


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