Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud

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Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud is a beautiful lakeside town that is nestled in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, France. If you own a boat, you will definitely fall in love with it.

The History of Port Grimaud:

  • Though Grimaud is a medieval village, Port Grimaud wasn’t built until 50 years ago by François Spoerry, a French architect. His great love for seaside architecture led to his creation of Port Grimaud in the 1960s which is considered one of his finest works in France. The lakeside village was built by modifying marshes with channels in a Venetian design and houses resembling French fisherman's homes in Saint Tropez.
  • The second phase of the town's development extended the town further East and was completed in the 1970s. The third phase started in the 1990s, was completed in 2000 and the village was born! He also designed the Church of St Francis of Assisi which houses exquisite stained glass created by Victor Vasarely.
  • Traffic in Port Grimaud is minimal and many residents are boat owners whose properties come with their own berths. Facing the sea with its prismatic facades, Roman tiles and small streets that meander throughout the village; Port Grimaud truly is a living paradise.

Getting Around:

  • To come and go from the city, it's much faster and more convenient to travel by boat than other forms of transportation.
  • Water buses are convenient travel solutions for residents and visitors in order to get into the city.
  • There are certain rules that everyone must follow, whether as a visitor or resident.
  • Dogs must always be leashed and visitors must park their cars outside the entrance of the city, then enter on foot.
  • Skate boarding, roller skating, barbecues and picnics are also prohibited in order to respect the cleanliness and safety in public places.

Sights to See and Things To Do

  • Port Grimaud has the most beautiful white sandy beaches all across the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.
  • Enjoy the very mild temperatures of the Mediterranean or hire a boat to explore the coastline.
  • You will discover amazing little bays and inlets that look like you were the first person to ever set foot there.
  • From the beach or on a boat, you will not see a more peaceful, glorious sight than our sunsets!
  • If you love wines, you are going to love this provençal village.
  • Port Grimaud sits in the South of France and therefore is a natural location for vineyards and the very sweetest grapes.
  • These wines are never aged and are sold in the local market to be enjoyed right away. There are so many vineyards that offer tours and tastings for you to choose from.
  • Stop by the town square and explore all its fascinating activities.
  • You will walk among huge trees, shading restaurants, bars, shops and galleries.
  • Stop by and stroll through the market and discover wonderful finds. It is open every Thursday and Sunday.
  • Port Grimaud offers wonderful shops and art galleries for the art lovers and shoppers visiting our town.
  • No visit is complete without stopping by the famous St. Francis Assisi Church, designed by François Spoerry and where he was laid to rest in 1999.

After sightseeing:

  • Relax in one of the canalside restaurants for the best cuisine offerings.
  • From beaches to boating to exploring you will be busy all day every day with endless things to do.

Port Grimaud is the perfect dream vacation spot in southern France for visitors to indulge and relax.


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